Sad face and a sign: “This will be the most challenging project of your life.”

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Redux is awesome. It really helps to handle all the data in our apps.

But it’s hard. Not so hard, but it definitely confuses new developers, coming to you project. Junior developers forget to add reducers, do dispatch stuff, to connect components to the store etc. …

Google made an unwitting attempt to summarize the problems, fears, and hopes of traditional banks in their pitch to become partners, which they issued last year:

I move roughly 7 times a year. I collect all my things, leave my old apartment behind, and move into a new one. Over the past 3 years, this averages out to one move every 52 days. …

Here are the average annual IT investments from several of the largest European banks:

  • BNP Paribas — $7.1 billion
  • HSBC — $6.0 billion
  • Societe Generale — $4.7 billion
  • Deutsche Bank — $4.5 billion
  • UBS — $3.5 billion
  • Barclays — $3.5 billion
  • RBS — $2.9 billion
  • Credit Suisse — $2.9 billion

“I’m an engineer and a designer.” This is how I like to introduce myself to people, especially in Europe, where the word engineer assumes an interesting touch of mystery, intelligence, and wealth. Generally, it also does a great deal to help make new acquaintances.

However, if you dig a little…

Like it or not, there’s no way of getting around the topic of UX testing when creating a digital product. …

Hello. Let’s try to figure out how designers use colors in UI and how the whole thing can be standardized without surrounding designers with restrictions.

I’ll tell you about the scheme which is called Opium.Fill. There is nothing particularly extraordinary or unique in it (aside from maybe the name). All…

Hi. I’m Denis Elianovsky, the CDO at JTC and Founder of Opium Pro. We work in very narrow segments of Russian IT market, related to finance and document workflow. I have been involved with design in one way or another for the past 12 years (8 of which, I have…

Denis Elianovsky

CDO at Russian TOP-50 IT Supplier for Banks

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